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Our Services

At your service, we Ali electrical Solutions have licensed and trained electricians at your service. From diagnosis to fixing, they will do it all for you in some hours with minimum charges. Sometimes, dim, and flickering lights can be a problem for you. They might be due to outdated wires, faulty circuits or switches, and loosened bulbs that need tightening. We can get it covered for you. Buzzing of lights can also be fixed that occurs due to connection problems, wiring issues, or broken switches. We Ali electrical Solutions are providing you countless services like these that include the following:

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Dead outlet repairs

Dead outlets can be caused due to rusting when exposed to water of short circuits. Let us take care of that for you.

Electrical wiring set up and electrical rewiring set up

New and old buildings are always required to establish their wiring before or after construction. We can do that for you in a few days.
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Safety inspections in association with electricity

Sometimes it gets difficult to diagnose what is the actual reason for your power loss again and again. Safety inspections play an important role in identifying these problematic domains.
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Installation of the electrical panel, their upgrading, or replacement

Electrical panels are the boards that hold all circuit breakers. Their breakdown, upgrading, and replacement are done reliably by us.
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Wiring set up for pool and hot tub.

Wiring for a pool and hot tub can be tricky as slight inaccuracy can cause fatal destruction. Prevent it all by hiring professionals for this job.

Installation of exhaust fans

Removal of humidity and moisture is essential from a room. That is why the installation of exhaust fans is necessary for almost every home and office.

Surge protection of houses and buildings

Households and buildings are equipped with expensive devices, gadgets, and appliances. Protection of these products during a power outage is highly essential. This is known as surge protection.

Installation and repair of ceiling fans

Nowadays only a few of the buildings and hold homes run on ceiling fans. Even if you book hotels for vacations, you will spot them in some of the rooms. Their installation and repair are necessary for your business to run smoothly.
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Installation and repair of outlets

Power outlets are required in every house and building respectively. Their installation and repair are done by professionals under our command.
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Installation of smoke and carbon monoxide detector

Smoke and carbon monoxide are some of the most dangerous gases that can instantly cause lung damage. Early detection of them in the buildings can prevent their inhale and allow people to evacuate on time in case of any incident.

All sorts of lighting that need to be fixed, repaired, or replaced

Every place needs lighting if they want to operate after dusk. Usage of lightings constantly for hours can cause flickering that needs to be fixed, damage that needs to be repaired, and dead bulbs that need to be replaced.

All electrical maintenance and repair

Not only the above-mentioned things, if you have any concern other than that, but you can also absolutely call us as we have an expert of every problem in electrical service. So, grab a phone and book your call now.
working man plumber repairs a washing machine in   laundry

Washing machine repairing and services

Providing reliable washing machine repair and services. We are giving all sorts of maintenance and repair for it.
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AC repairing and Installation

In extreme heat, our AC should work in optimum conditions to beat that heat. Get your AC installed today.

Solar panel installation and maintenance

Want to save on expensive costs of electricity? Get yourself a solar panel and you are good to go. Get your solar panel maintenance as well.
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CCTV installation and workup

Tackle your security issues by installing a CCTV in your office and any other building. We are giving these services at affordable rates.

Fingerprint lock installation and workup

Large-sized companies have fingerprint attendance for accuracy and precision. Get your fingerprint locks as well.


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