Any Confusion?


Whenever you want to hire a certain service, there are plenty of questions that strike your mind. Let us answer some of your frequently asked questions regarding your concerns.

What is the time of your operation?

We are 24 hours at your service. The sentence is self-explanatory as we will provide you service on demand. Our (website) deals with all your electricity-related issues according to your ease.

What do you charge for your work?

Our price ranges are affordable. Our highly-skilled workers can get the job done in lesser time with affordable costs. By just providing basic labor costs, you’re getting your work done by a professional.

Do you charge for diagnosis as well?

The price of diagnosing a problem is minimal. This evaluation includes the major problem identification and various ways for the treatment of the problem as well.

What payment types do you accept?

We can accept Visa, Mastercard, and cash.

How fast is your service?

The time of response varies according to the workload. We reply as soon as possible, however, the services are provided on a priority basis. Cleared up some of your queries or want to know more? Navigate to the Contact Us page for further information.